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My name is Lori Silverman - luxury shoe designer

I am a shoe designer from New York, co-branded with Swarovski® crystal.  

I cannot say enough positive things about Flavia Burlinetto!!


I was introduced to Flavia via email by a colleague/mentorin the shoe industry for fifty plus years.   My husband and I flew to Italy in search of finding a factory to manufacture my high-endshoe line.  Upon meeting Flavia, it was immediately apparent that Flavia had the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to help me launch a new product line. 


Flavia and I have been working together for three plus years.  We have a wonderful working relationship which has grown into, what I hope to be, a lifelong friendship.  When I am not in Italy, Flavia is both my eyes and ears asI trust her implicitly.


I highly recommend Flavia Burlinetto to anyone in search of a trustworthy and knowledgeable shoe consultant, agent, or representative.  Flavia is the best in the business!!!

TWS - luxury shoe designer

I really enjoy working with Flavia. She is very professional and is an expert in the footwear industry. She has strong technical skills, industry knowledge, and is very organized. I especially appreciateher attention to detail. I strongly recommend her.

Marc JACQUES BURTON - high fashion designer

Flavia is the international agent for my fashion brand and has played such a huge part in the growth and success of the business. 


Everything  is made in our atelier in Italy however I am based in London. Flavia holds the fort in Italy and manages all communications with us and our ateliers in Italy whilst I am not there. Flavia is amazing to work with, has a lot of good contacts and always goes that extra mile to get the job done. Our artisans speak very little english and so Flavia translates everything from English to Italian for us - an invaluable asset. Flavia is an intelligent and hard working business woman who is incredible at her craft. Flavia is extremely passionate about her work and her clients and is an irreplaceable member of our team. I couldn't recommend her highly enough to work with.

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