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Paolo De Lucchi was born in Padua in 1962.

After earning a Bachelor's degree in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1989, he joined the same year the Sottsass Associati, a multidisciplinary creative society, where he embraced the development of diversified projects in the field of architecture and design.


In 1993, as Project leader, he joined the aMDL Architecture Studio in Milan. In this important professional experience, the architect come closer to the retail world, developing for Mandarina Duck, a renowned Italian company in the leather goods industry, multiple retail and show-rooms both in Italy and abroad. This professional experience turned out to be extremely important and significant to De Lucchi, for it allowed the emergence of other important collaborations with emerging companies in the clothing and leather industry, and even in the shoe industry!


On January 1, 1998, the architect opened in Padua, within a small industrial building, the multidisciplinary company "De Lucchi Workshop". The company deals with image coordination for young companies, developing interior design projects, visual merchandising and sale exhibition stands, corners, single-brand shops, flags, showrooms and factory outlets, according to different needs.


The "De Lucchi Workshop" also deals with architectural and industrial design, drawing specific products for companies, especially in the lighting industry.

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