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The production of a collection for shoes or clothing requires extra care and attention. I can assist with the design , material selection and close attention to the finest finishes. Starting from a design , to developing  innovative prototypes for the material research, and the attention to the details and finishes.

The research continues in order for the brand to develop. This includes product development, new product ideas, new materials, and new manufacturing technics which are all essential at the top  and of the market .


This work of research and design is supported by  strong planning of the  sales strategies and a constant updates to  international buyers.





Luxury products must be represented  by  professional high end photography,  for the look book and  for all brand communication and advertisement.

The correct image is the one that allows to show precise  details even at a distance.

To coordinate the professional photographers, the designers and the production consultant is the best way to achieve an efficient and successful communication.


The style and the design of a product should integrate with the lay-out of the store in which it is shown.


The atmosphere created in the store should integrate  the glamour of the collection and the brands ethos.

Shapes, materials, light, furniture in the store should enhance all the creativity of the design, and reflect the message of the designer.

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