Flavia Burlinetto's expertise includes consulting, merchandising and marketing, supporting designers who wish to produce shoes, clothing and leather accessories  of the highest standards in Italy.


Flavia’s headquarters reside in Riviera of Brenta, between Padua and Venice: the heart of luxury Italian production. Many of the biggest luxury houses include LV, GUCCI, CHANEL, and many others. Flavia also collaborates with factories in the Marche region. 


Many specialist factories that reside in Veneto and the Marche, produce components and  innovative products of the highest quality at the quickest rate. It is also home to specialist craftsmen and manufacturing techniques that can be found no where else. 


Flavia has run her professional consulting company successfully since 2007, all supported by twenty five years of experience in production, starting with the family business “ANGELO BURLINETTO-IMMAGINI“, known for being one of the biggest high end shoemakers in the world for 20 years. 


Flavia is connected to a team of qualified professionals specialising in the fields of shoe design, clothing,  accessories, marketing and merchandising.

Flavia specializes in  the following :


  • Development , production and collection management

  • Technical assistance in design and product execution

  • Quality control - finished product

  • Ability to introduction to the Italian and International markets through direct contacts.

  • Consultant and Marketing Development, Promotion, Communication

  • Business consultancy

  • Purchase assistance for foreign companies in the Italian market


Flavia Burlinetto's professional path started at the beginning of the 20th century, with the opening of her grandfather's artisanal atelier  for handmade shoes. 


Around 1950 Angelo, Flavia's father, took over as head of the company from her grandfather and started the expansion phase, leading him to open two factories with 120 employers.


Within the company, Flavia trained in the business before moving on to managing it. The company focused on producing high end ladies shoes, designed internally at the company's design studio. 


The company “ANGELO BURLINETTO-IMMAGINI” was considered one of the best in Italy, combining the finest craftsmanship alongside elegance, innovation and comfort.


One of its shoe brands, IMMAGINI, was sold globally in the markets of Europe, China, Japan, USA, Arabic Emirates and Russia.


If you are looking to make an incredible product for your brand, then I look forward to hearing from you and turning your ideas into a reality and commercial success.